Two Outta Millions - For You 'N Yours (EP) [1995]

El grupo Two Outta Millions (de Holanda) lanzó este EP el año '95 bajo el sello CMC Records con ayuda de Soul Relation Records, totalmente producido por DJ Mass este EP ofrece 4 temas más sus respectivas instrumentales y un regalito final...La mayoría de las bases cuentan con buenísimos samples de Jazz mezclados con baterías clásicas, dando vida así a un RAP que no puede pasar desapercibido frente a los oídos de los que gustan del buen RAP.

01 - Supremacy
02 - Land Of Lyricism
03 - For You 'N Yours
04 - Time To Get Away (Previously Unreleased Version)
05 - Supremacy [Instrumental]
06 - Land Of Lyricism [Instrumental]
07 - For You 'n Yours [Instrumental]
08 - Time To Get Away (Previously Unreleased Version) [Instrumental]
09 - Phat Bonus Beat 1
10 - Phat Bonus Beat 2
11 - Phat Bonus Beat 3
12 - Phat Bonus Beat 4

Two Outta Millions - For You 'N Yours (EP) [1995]

3 comentarios:

Chile con Juevo dijo...

This is fucking nice!!

Had no idea the Dutch made hip hop like this. If I didn't know any better, I'd think these guys were from N.Y.

ejpeg dijo...

Hello! What is the password for the download posted? I can't open it. Please mail me at


Anónimo dijo...

Thanx a lot!
All raps are by Laquatal & productions by DJ Mass.
Also a featuring with Skate the Great (For You 'N Yours track), this realy makes my day.
Greetings from Holland!